To keep the silver or goldplated jewellery shining, you should take off them before you take a shower or go swimming. Also try to avoid spraying perfume, oils and lotions on the jewellery. These things will eventually damage the gold finish on these pieces. So, handle them with great care!

Many people wonder if plated jewellery will stay beautiful and if the layer doesn't wear out or discolor quickly. Because Dear Ear plated jewellery has a layer of real silver or gold they don't discolor, but due to external influences the layer can eventually wear off.

It can also happen that a plated piece of jewellery turns green. This has to do with the acidity of your skin and can vary from person to person. It can be due to your diet, whether you drink alcohol, take medication or how much you sweat. Does your jewellery have green deposits? Then clean your jewellery very carefully with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

Below are some tips to keep your plated jewellery beautiful and to prevent tarnish.

If you come into contact with chemical products, take off your plated jewellery. Do not wear them while cleaning.
Also pay attention to perfume or other cosmetics. Going out for a night? Make sure that the perfume is not sprayed on your jewellery. Also watch out with hairspray.
Also for sports,sleeping and swimming it is recommended not to wear your plated jewellery.
Finally: store your jewellery carefully in a soft box, so they can't damage each other.